Oy Sauce



Recently, my partner Gabe and I have started a food blog together. I have grown up with a love of cooking and discovery in the kitchen, and collaborating with Gabe on this project has brought me nothing but joy. If you want to go check it out (I know you do) head over to oysauce.com


Matzo ball ramen

We conceived this dish while watching the Ivan Orkin episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, which profiles a Jewish New Yorker who trained to become one of the best ramen chefs in the world. It got us thinking: What if we combined ramen with one of Jewish cooking’s best known classics? Get the recipe here.


Avocado and Blood ORange Salad

Bringing a salad to a cookout or dinner party may seem like a copout, but it’s also a chance to throw a curveball to the palate. Especially if you’re going to be eating a lot of barbecue or other heavy, rich foods, something fresh and tart makes everything else seem brighter in comparison. Check it out here.


Guava cheesecake with strawberry - elderflower sauce

Cheesecake is the best dessert. Fight us. But too often, cheesecake is bad. Why is it bad? Because it’s far too complicated, far too sweet, and far too dense. Nobody needs that noise. Learn how to make it yourself here.